Communication Acquisition Program for Preschool (CAPP) - Module 1 is by invitation only.  It teaches the framework found in the Tell Me Program that creates a classroom communication immersion system.  This module is connected to the summer training provided for teachers, SLPs and paraprofessionals serving these students. 

Audio support, also known as a read aloud accommodation or oral presentation, can benefit many students.  One way students with a reading deficit, vision deficit, or physical disability may benefit is when a textbook or magazine is provided in an alternate format.

Bookshare provides over 900,000 books, periodicals, magazines, and novels with audio support.  They can also be downloaded into a variety of formats if your student requires and alternate format.

In the Florida state statute, the schools are required to provide what is called accessible instructional materials or AIM.  This means we provide a format that a student can access despite their disability. 

Bookshare does this for us free of charge as it is provided by the Office of Special Education.

As PCPS continues to grow, it is the goal for every school to have a designated team who are aware of the Florida law around AIM and can provide information about accessing these tools including Bookshare, but also district tools such as Classlink textbooks, media services online materials, and learning supports found in Google and Microsoft. 

This Moodle is for ESE staff who have been approved by LAT for Lesson Pix access.