Welcome to the online Journalism class. Here you will find resources for learning along with assignments, projects, and quizzes to assess your learning.  You will be assigned at least one day a week in class to sign into Moodle and complete your work. You are welcome to work at home if you have access to the internet on a computer, but that is only to make up work, or work ahead.  You still must work in class on the day for online learning.  Please pay attention to the due dates of each lesson/assignment and complete it on time or it may not be accepted. 

If you are absent you have 3 choices:  1. You may complete the work at home. 2. You may make arrangements THE DAY you return to school with either me or Ms. Hearn in the media center to use a computer before school to complete the work.  3.  If it is a video project (not simply an online assignment or quiz), or a presentation that you miss, you will either be assigned to a group that already started, or you will have to make up the presentation/project by yourself.  ALL MAKE-UP WORK IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS of your return, unless you have an extended absence with an excuse, then you will have up to a week to submit it. 

When submitting video or photo projects,  You MUST save your digital work in the following format:  LastName_FirstName_AssignmentName.  For example:  Cornelius_Leslie_Commercial.    If your work is not saved in this format you may be asked to re-submit it and receive a loss of points.